Septic System Excavation

Septic system failures require excavation of the area to determine where the problem lies. Geiler Excavating has the equipment and know-how to perform the excavation necessary to install, replace or repair your septic tank and related components. Call today for a hassle-free consultation.

Excavation Service for Septic System Installs & Repairs

A properly working septic system is important to the daily functions of your home. When there is a problem, you need it corrected immediately. Geiler Excavating has the equipment and experience necessary to efficiently perform the excavation work required for the installation, replacement or repair of your septic tank, lines and related field. We have been providing excavation services for residential, commercial and equestrian properties throughout New Jersey since 2014.

A septic tank being readied for installation into excavated site.

Septic System Installation

Excavation is an important first step when it comes to septic system installation, whether you are installing a new system or replacing an existing one. The depth of the excavation depends on a number of factors: the type of system; whether your area is subject to flooding or is relatively dry; and whether the site gets a lot of vehicular or foot traffic. Proper septic system installation allows for proper flow, waste degradation and drainage. And it all begins with the excavation. Geiler Excavating has more than 25 years of experience providing excavation services throughout New Jersey.

Septic system pipes are exposed through excavation to determine where repairs are needed.

Septic System Repairs

Septic system failures can be caused by problems with your septic tank or with the lines leading to the tank from your home. Excavation is necessary to locate the source of your problem. An analysis and evaluation of the site will help determine the best course of action. As the homeowner, you want your system restored as quickly as possible. It’s helpful for your contractor to know the type of system you have in place and to understand the layout of that system. Geiler Excavating understands your urgency and has experience providing excavation services for septic system repairs with professionalism and efficiency.

Excavation of septic drain field exposes system for inspection.

Septic Drain Field Repairs

Standing water or damp spots and foul odors near your septic tank are telltale signs that your septic drain field is in need of repair. Drain fields, also called leach fields, fail when they are constantly saturated by excessive wastewater being drained into them. This can be due to an increase in usage or a clog in the drainage pipes. To determine the exact cause of your drain field failure requires excavation of the site. Geiler Excavating has the experience and the equipment needed to uncover your septic drain field problems while causing minimal damage to your property.

Site of excavation in preparation for installation of septic tank.

Signs You Need Septic Repairs

There are several signs that indicate a problem with your septic system. They include:

  • a gurgling sound coming from your drain;
  • water draining slowly; and
  • unusual wet spots in your yard.

Geiler Excavating is experienced in all phases of excavation work relating to septic system repairs and installation.

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