Riding Arena Repairs

Keeping up with riding arena repairs will keep your facility running professionally. Geiler Excavating is a New Jersey excavation contractor with extensive experience working on equestrian properties throughout New Jersey. Fully insured and reliable, we’ll help you get your facility back in top condition. Call today for a consultation.

New Jersey Riding Arena Repairs & Maintenance

Over time, your riding arena will begin to show wear and tear from extensive use. Staying on top of needed repairs is the key to keeping your facility operating professionally and safely. To efficiently handle your riding arena repairs, contact Geiler Excavating. We have first-hand experience with equestrian properties.

Types of Riding Arena Repairs

Inspecting the drainage system to repair water damage to a riding arena.

Water Damage

Water damage caused by improper drainage can compromise the integrity your riding arena surface. The water creates soft spots in the surface, which can put undue stress on your horses’ legs and cause unsafe footing. Left unattended, these soft spots can eventually lead to surface failure, resulting in injury to your horses and riders. Remedies include re-grading the surface and digging a swale around the arena for water runoff.

Regrading a riding arena to repair damage occurring over time.

Arena Grading

Over time, your riding arena can develop high and low areas from regular use. This creates uneven footing for your horses posing the risk of injury. Regrading your arena using laser technology guarantees precision and accuracy. Geiler Excavating is experienced in laser grading techniques, having performed this and other excavation services for equestrian properties in New Jersey.

Working to refinish riding arena surface to restore proper pitch and grade.

Surface Refinishing

Time, use, water and wind can all eat away at the surface materials in your riding arena. To keep your arena in top shape, a periodic refinishing of your surface may be in order. Geiler Excavating can help with refinishing your arena surface to restore the proper pitch and grade, clean out and/or repair any drainage issues, replace your original surface with more suitable materials and generally get your arena back to professional working order.

Importance of Riding Arena Upkeep

Regular maintenance of your riding arena will diminsh the effects normal wear and tear and weather can have on your facility. Addressing problems as they arise will keep your facility up and running. Shortcuts only make matters worse because the longer the problems exist, often the costlier the repair. To keep your facility at its best, depend on contractors familiar with the specific needs of an equestrian facility. The team at Geiler Excavating has both personal and professional experience in equestrian properties.

Regular maintenance of riding arena surface includes regrading to smooth out high and low areas.

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