Equestrian Riding Arena Construction

When it comes to riding arena construction, careful planning and execution will help you avoid adding unnecessary costs to what is already a major investment. Having an excavation contractor familiar with equestrian properties can help. Geiler Excavating of Pittstown, NJ has that experience.

Riding Arena Construction & Excavation

Constructing your riding arena is a major undertaking. By hiring contractors familiar with equestrian properties, you can make sure your project is done right the first time; otherwise a lot can go wrong. Craig and Janet Geiler’s love of horses and experience with operating an equestrian facility, combined with more than 25 years of experience in excavation work, make Geiler Excavating the New Jersey excavation contractor of choice.

Marking the location and size of an equestrian riding arena.

Location & Size

Choosing the right location for your riding arena is an important first step in construction. Easy access for the delivery of materials can cut your construction costs considerably. Location also helps determine how much expense and effort will be required for your drainage system. Lastly, the right location can help you preserve the surface materials of your finished arena, reducing the time and money needed for maintenance.

Laying and smoothing arena surface materials to ensure proper footing for horses.

Surface Materials

The right surface material will go a long way in protecting the investment you are making in your riding arena construction. Budget and personal experience are often deciding factors in which material to use. The Geilers have first-hand knowledge of what is required to provide proper footing and can guide you on the right materials for your riding arena. 

Laser grading produces a precise grade to ensure a safe, comfortable riding surface and the correct slope for proper drainage.

Laser Grading

Precision is critical when grading your riding arena. For optimum results, Geiler Excavating employs laser grading technology that gives better control over the finished grade, ensuring that your design and construction specifications are met. This provides you with an ideal riding surface for the health and comfort of your horses and the proper slope needed for adequate drainage. A poorly drained arena can compromise the integrity of your surface by creating soft spots.

The Excavation Contractor With Equestrian Experience

Developing an equestrian property involves a major investment. You want a contractor that understands your precise needs. Craig and Janet Geiler, owners and operators of Geiler Excavating, are experienced horse owners who previously ran their own equestrian property. They have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to construct and maintain a professional riding facility. Geiler Excavating has performed all phases of excavation work on equestrian facilities throughout New Jersey, including the construction and repair of paddocks, shed pads, barn sites, manure pads, riding arenas and swales to alleviate water runoff. Call us for a consultation to see how we can help with your equestrian riding arena construction.

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