Residential Excavating

There are many reasons why you may need the services of a residential excavating contractor. When that time comes, the most important factor is hiring the right contractor for the job. With more than 25 years of experience, Geiler Excavating’s precision work and attention to detail set them apart.

New Jersey Residential Excavating Contractor

As a homeowner you know there are always projects to be done on your property. Some of these projects may require the services of a residential excavation contractor — breaking ground for construction of a new building or putting an addition on an existing structure, expanding and/or grading your yard, installing or closing a pool, removing or repairing a septic tank. Geiler Excavating, established in 2014 by Craig and Janet Geiler, provides residential excavating services for homeowners throughout New Jersey. Craig has more than 25 years of experience in all phases of excavation work.

Stone driveway excavation is one of the residential excavating services offered by Geiler Excavating.

Stone Driveway Excavation

Stone driveway excavation needs to ensure sufficient slope to allow water to drain off and away from your driveway and any nearby structures. This decreases the likelihood of ponding, which can be destructive to your driveway, causing structural issues. Geiler Excavating’s residential excavation services include preparing durable stone driveways that stand up to daily traffic.

Foundation excavation requires precision and accuracy.

Foundation Excavation

Foundation excavation involves clearing, leveling and compacting the land to create a sturdy base layer. Without proper preparation, your foundation can settle unevenly, jeopardizing the structural integrity of your home. Geiler Excavating approaches each foundation excavation project with precision, accuracy and attention to detail  to provide a safe, durable support for your home.

Land grading is an integral part of any residential excavating project.

Land Grading

Land grading is such an integral part of your project. Proper grading creates a level base for building and adequate drainage to prevent future damage from ponding, erosion and water runoff. Geiler Excavating has extensive experience in land grading, including cut and fill grading to provide level surfaces, reshaping and sloping the land to direct water runoff, and creating swales and catch basin to further aid with storm water management.

Repairing or replacing septic systems require the services of a residential excavating contractor.

Septic Systems

Assessing the cause of your septic system failure is hindered by the fact that most components are buried underground. To fix or replace most parts of your septic system requires the services of an excavation contractor. Geiler Excavating has the equipment and know-how to excavate your site for the repair or replacement of your septic tank or any broken or clogged pipes that are at the root of your problem.

Comprehensive Excavating Services

From clearing the land in preparation for new construction to excavating a septic system for repair, Geiler Excavating has the experience and know-how to get the job done. Established in 2014, the company is equipped to handle big and small residential excavation projects for property owners throughout New Jersey.

No matter what your project entails — building a house or an addition, constructing a deck, adding a patio, installing an inground pool — there is a process to residential excavation that can ensure achieving the best results. Geiler Excavating is experienced in all phases of residential excavation.

The Residential Excavation Process

  1. Preparing the Site — checking for underground lines, pipes, utilities and structures, and clearing vegetation and debris, including tree roots that could interfere with your foundation
  2. Marking Excavation Area — measure and mark area to be excavated; make final adjustments if needed
  3. Excavating — dig out marked area, test stability of soil and look for drainage issues
  4. Land Grading — cut and fill grading to fill voids left by cleared debris and grading for storm water management
  5. Compact Testing — test ground for firmness and its ability to support the structure you are building; add and level fill dirt as necessary

Excavation work is unpredictable. It can be affected by weather conditions, the topography of your site and the interaction with other contractors involved with your project. Geiler Excavating understands that delays caused by any of these factors can mean additional costs to you and disruption to your home life. We are committed to being flexible, reliable and respective of your rights and those of your other contractors because the success of your project is important to us.

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