Manure Pads

Manure management is important not only for the aesthetics of your equestrian property but for the safety of the environment and the health of your horses, too. Geiler Excavating of Pittstown, NJ has particular expertise in equestrian property excavation services including manure pad construction. We service equestrian properties throughout all of New Jersey.

Equestrian Manure Pad Excavation

Geiler Excavating provides excavation services for all aspects of construction and maintenance required by equestrian facilities including paddock and riding arena construction and repair, as well as the construction of shed pads, barn sites and manure pads for manure management.

Concrete Manure Pad

Concrete manure pads are ideal for outdoor composting because they provide a surface sturdy enough to support a tractor under all weather conditions. Your concrete manure pad should be constructed with a slight slope for proper drainage to prevent rainwater from seeping into your compost pile from surrounding areas.

Craig and Janet Geiler, owners of Geiler Excavating, are horse owners with prior experience operating an equestrian facility. The Geilers apply this first-hand knowledge to all equestrian property excavation work, including manure pad construction and maintenance.

Holding Sites

The more horses you own, the more challenging your manure management efforts become. Properly composted manure prevents environmental contamination and provides a healthier environment for your horses.

A containment or holding site for your manure helps speed up the decompositon process and reduces problems with odor and black flies, leaving you with rich soil that can be used elsewhere on your property or sold to gardeners as fertilizer. Geiler Excavating specializes in equestrian property excavation projects including holding site construction.

Drainage Swales

Proper drainage for your manure pad or holding site can prevent rainwater from washing contaminants from your composting pile into surrounding fields and nearby water supplies. One way to ensure proper drainage is to construct a drainage swale.

Drainage swales can prevent water from pooling at the site of your manure pad and interfering with the decompostion process, and they can also direct the flow of the water to prevent flooding elsewhere on your property. Consult Geiler Excavating, the experienced equestrian property excavation contractor, for solutions to all drainage issues.

Why Do I Need a Manure Pad?

Manure management is important to providing a healthy environment for your horses — not to mention an essential ingredient for building good relationships with your neighbors. Manure pads or holding sites provide a place for disposing of waste materials after mucking out your horse stalls and give you better control over the decomposition process.

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