Foundation Excavation

A sturdy foundation is imperative for the safety of your building and a sturdy foundation begins with a properly excavated site. Geiler Excavating has more than 25 years experience in excavation services including foundation excavations for new construction and additions. Fully-insured and reliable, Geiler Excavating can satisfy all the foundation excavation needs of projects big and small.

NJ Foundation Excavation Services

A structure is only as strong as its foundation and a sturdy foundation requires a level surface strong enough to support the weight of the building that will sit on it. Whether you are building a new home or an outbuilding, pouring a basement foundation or restoring a damaged foundation, Geiler Excavating can provide the necessary excavation services.

Foundation excavation for a new home construction conducted by Geiler Excavating.

Home Foundations

Site clearing is the first step in your home construction process. Removal of vegetation, brush, stumps, large rocks and remnants of previous structures is necessary to ready the site. Once cleared, the site can be marked and excavated.

Foundation excavation requires accuracy and precision. Contact Geiler Excavating for a hassle-free consultation before beginning your construction project.

Basements excavations by Geiler Excavating to facilitate repairs and renovations.

Basement Excavations

There are a number of reasons why you may need access to the exterior of your basement walls – repair damages, reinforce walls after settlement, waterproof and weatherize to name a few. Because your basement walls support the main structure of your home, a basement excavation is a major undertaking.

There are inherent risks to basement excavations. Among those risks are flooding from heavy rains, cave-ins of surrounding soil, and discovery of unmarked obstacles. An experienced excavation contractor like Geiler Excavating understands the planning necessary to mitigate these risks and how to respond to issues that do arise.

Using a digger to excavate site in preparation for pouring a foundation is one of the services offered by Geiler Excavation.

Strong Foundations Support Strong Buildings

Foundation excavation is a multi-step process that involves clearing and prepping the site, marking the area, and moving dirt to fill voids and level the land. It’s a time-consuming necessity for providing a sturdy base for your foundation which, in turn, provides support for your home. Skimping on these steps will lead to costly problems down the road. Geiler Excavating is a reliable, experienced excavation contractor that performs foundation excavation with safety and efficiency foremost in mind.

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