Equestrian Riding Arenas

Geiler Excavating is a Pittstown, NJ-based commercial and residential excavation contractor with special expertise in riding arena excavation. Whether you are building a new equestrian facility, an addition to an existing one, or simply maintaining an established riding arena, Geiler Excavating is the excavation contractor you can rely on.

Complete Riding Arena Excavation Services

New Jersey is home to an abundance of equestrian facilities. Special construction and maintenance requirements must be met to keep these riding arenas operating at a professional level. Geiler Excavating has the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your equestrian facility excavation work.

Riding Arena Construction

A riding arena represents a significant investment. A lot can go wrong unless you make the right decisions at each stage of construction, beginning with selecting the right location. Geiler Excavating has the experience with equestrian facilities to help guide you through your arena construction project from start to finish.

Riding Arena Repairs & Maintenance

With regular use your riding arena materials will eventually begin to wear down. A simple investment of time and money can keep your arena in good working condition. Tending to minor repairs in a timely manner helps keep your maintenance costs reasonable. Geiler Excavating can help with all riding arena maintenance issues.

Manure Pads

When you muck out your stalls, all that waste needs somewhere to go. Manure pads provide a containment area for your composting pile and help to speed up the decomposition process. The number of horses you have will dictate the type and size of your containment area. Geiler Excavating is experienced in construction of all types of manure pads from concrete pads to simple holding sites.

Equestrian Facility Excavation Specialists

Craig and Janet Geiler, owners of Geiler Excavating, are uniquely qualified to assist you with all stages of your equestrian facility excavation work. Horse owners themselves, the Geilers previously owned an equine facility and have extensive experience and knowledge regading the proper footing for a riding arena and the maintenance required to help keep your equestrian facility running professionally. Contact Geiler Excavating for a consultation.

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